Min Jie

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Min Jie In northern Shaanxi dialect, read “siu jie er”, so it is also written “siu jian”. Yulin is a kind of coarse grain fine traditional pasta snacks. The dough is a mixture of peas and wheat. The dough is put on a special bed with mesh holes and pressed down with the palm of your hand to form a twisted one-inch-long section. When eating, will be sipping section boiled, poured with vegetable soup, soup with diced tofu, diced potatoes, diced beans, etc., and with leek yellow, sesame, spicy sauce, coriander, etc., the taste is light and delicious, with a bean fragrance. This is one of the best noodles in northern Shaanxi, and it is the kind that the eaters must order.

Characteristics of food

The miscellaneous noodles are made of peas and wheat. The dough is mixed with water and made into soft dough. It is placed on the sifter bed and pressed with the palm of the hand, only inches long. Siu Jie is rich in nutrition, light and delicious, easy to digest and absorb.

Production methods

Making signature must use a special tool, that is “sip pointed bed” (or called “bed” signature section), function similar to do one as the one used by most Ge Ge bed – and the dough is placed to sip pointed on the bed, with the palm pressure, through the mesh bed, sieve into one inch long twisted shape section, also have to face and soft paste form, so that the pot directly by sip pointed bed.” “Siu” means “wipe” or “restrain” in Chinese. You can squeeze the dough into small pieces by doing the action of “siu” while pressing it. The word “siu” with the tip of the dough indicates how to make the dough, while the word “jian” refers to the shape of the dough when it comes out of the pot.

Min Jie The main ingredients are tomato sauce, spicy sauce, sesame, coriander, vinegar, chopped green onion, oil chili sauce and so on.