Par 5,609 Y on the first hole

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沙漠开局,就迎来全场最长的五杆洞,让你有一种天也悠悠地也悠悠的享受,距离不是问题,球的滚动多了份惊喜,如果偏硬的球道能成为你的朋友。球道落球区长长的右翼,有两座沙坑展开你对传统林克斯的想象。沙坑不深,只为拉开序曲,让你惊魂的也许是看上去宽阔而平缓的果岭,推起来则如履薄冰。一句话: 挑战开始,领略沙漠,表面平和,张力十足。

Surprisingly, the first hole is ushered in the longest par 5 of the course, which makes you feel soaring freely in the vast sky. If the solid fairway is friendly to you, getting enough distance would be no longer a problem, with considerable rolling and the joy followed by. On the landing zone at the long right wing of the fairway, two bunkers will unfold your imagination of the traditional links. The bunkers are not deep, only to prelude something steep to come. The scary thing is putting in the seemingly wide and gentle green, which could make you feel like running on the thin ice.

Let’s tee off this way: challenges in your face and desert on your pace, being cautious with the traps under the peaceful surface.

The lady is a tramp, like Sinatra sings.