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Forward thinking with international high-tech standard

The Yulin Desert Golf Course set its tone as high-end leisure golf course paralleled with worlds top golf courses, and utilizes its unique local characteristics of desert mixing with Links style of hard fairways and greens to create classic, quality and eco-friendly course in aspect of design and construction for details.

In order to provide a great game of golf to players and various ways of playing by different clubs and positions of golfers, the designer plays with element such as the length, the drops, hazards, visual effects, wind direction and flying direction to create playing challenges around the greens, harder land and shorter grass areas in steep slopes. Moreover, the designer joined the actual construction of green surface to make tricky waves, drawing players great attention.

GEO and Sustainable Development Ideas

  1. Throughout the whole design process, the designer put attentive eyes in water, energy and resources, environment quality, landscaping and eco system, community and supply chain, taking care of the environment in every corner.
  2. Many may think it was impossible to build and maintain a golf course in desert because of water shortage. However, by using coal mining wastewater, the Yulin Desert Golf Course not only turns waste into something useable, it also decreases operational maintenance costs.
  3. Natural grass and vegetation areas have been all reserved for ecological balance and preserved for wild habitats.
  4. The cart path was built in a special method which is to use sand for pavement, marking the first of its kind in the country.
  5. By minimizing earthworks to control lowest level of disturbances to desert vegetation, lowering construction costs, reducing earth delivery by utilizing the geographic form prior to the playing function, the golf course only spent 230,000 cubic meters of earthworks for 18-hole construction. Also, the construction cost was highly iin control by well-thought earth delivery routes to minimizing transportation distance.
  6. Reducing the amount of turf, changing the fairway grass, seeding the actual tee surface only and deducting fairway sizes scientifically, the total turf coverage succeeded in keeping the turf coverage in 206,400 square meters, 27.6% of the total site, which is lower than the the recommended standard of 30% by GEO.
  7. A Rain Bird Decoder Central Control System can irrigate the areas in need precisely. Adjustable sprinkler heads were installed along the sides of the course with full circle heads inside, and adjustable heads around the greens to achieve precision irrigation coverage and minimize water waste.
  8. Using the natural conditions of pure sand layer under the greens without any drainage pipes nor gravel layers suited the local environment and saved money.