Yang Yu Cha Cha

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Yang Yu Cha Cha It is one of the traditional noodles of the Han nationality in northern Shaanxi, Shanxi Shanxi and Gansu Longdong. With the humble potato made of potato brush, the color of golden potatoes with a light oil, the fragrance of potatoes permeated with a bite, both the taste and chew of French fries, and meat red pepper fresh fragrance. It is steamed with buckwheat flour wrapped in potatoes and then stir-fried. It follows the style of Northwest cuisine with less oil and less salt. Yam scrub, as the name suggests, is made of potatoes. The raw materials and process are very simple, it is a potato cut into slightly thick silk, and then mixed with dry flour, so that each silk is evenly coated with a layer of clothing, and then steamed on the steamer. When eating, put it into a big bowl, mix it with minced garlic, spicy noodles, sauce, vinegar, scallion oil or sesame oil, and mix it with homemade tomato sauce. If use a wok to fry quickly, its taste is better. Potato scrub is a natural green food, all the year round can be edible.

The basic information

Characteristics of food

Yam rub – yam rub in some places called “yam not pull”, “yam kule”, the surrounding area is also called “vegetable bumps”. Yam scrub is a kind of vegetable bumps. Potato is actually a potato, wipe is a tool, used to wipe the potato silk. Its potato as the main material, with a little white flour processing, deep love in northern Shaanxi people. Yam Tatao Tatao originated in a difficult period, successive years of famine, hungry people in northern Shaanxi peered at the land rich in potatoes, so it produced Yam Tatao Tatao.