Par 4,398 Y on the sixth hole

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全场唯一没有沙坑的球洞,却令人不敢或忘,因为果岭右前方有两道陡立的草皮墙,记住它,你在任何别的地方都不会有这样向经典致敬的机会。伟大的球场设计师哈里科特(H. S. Colt)一个多世纪前曾多次使用这种障碍设计,这些年一度失传。在这里由卢军效法变通,将这一古老技法又见阳光。

This is the only hole without any bunkers of the course, but it’s as impressive as others. Two steep turf walls stand on the front right of the green. Remember them, you won’t have such a chance to pay your respect to classic anywhere else.  This very barrier design benchmarked by great golf course designer, H. S. Colt more than a century ago had been lost for a long time until Mr. Jun Lu picked up and made it to reborn.