Duo Qiao Mian

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Duo Qiao Mian,It is a kind of delicacies that people in northern Shaanxi will eat when they entertain guests and celebrate festivals and festivals. It is also a kind of delicious snacks that are famous in northern Shaanxi.

It is high in protein, low in fat, high in vitamins and rich in nutrition. The local people in northern Shaanxi use it to make many delicious traditional foods. Chop bucknoodles is one of the most popular. This kind of food has the therapeutic value of softening blood vessels, protecting eyesight, clearing heat, decrease internal heat, strengthening stomach, preventing cerebrovascular bleeding and so on, and is known as “longevity food”.

Chinese name: Chop bucknoodles

Region: Shaanxi Province

Type: Flavor snacks

Reputation: Shaanxi unique, longevity food

The origin of

Chopping face is the good skill of aunties in northern Shaanxi. When the girl grew up to about 14 years old, the mother began to teach her daughter how to chop noodles hand in hand. By the time the girl got married as an adult, she had learned how to chop noodles thoroughly. In northern Shaanxi, the girl will be chopped, chopped well, is a young man to find a partner to measure the woman’s hand is not a condition. If a girl can’t chop, or not chop well, it is a defect in her life.

In 1935, the Central Red Army arrived in Wuqi. In order to welcome the Red Army, the local people used to chop bucknoodles for Mao Zedong and other central leaders. Chop bucknoodles is a first-class meal for Wuqi people.



“Chop bucknoodles”, how to chop? It is not complicated, but the face cutting knife is special, different from the ordinary kitchen knife. This knife is about 2 feet long, cun wide, thick and thin like a kitchen knife, the blade is downward, and the two ends of the back are pressed on two wooden handles. When chopping, knead the buckwheat flour and good into a round group, put it in the middle of the table slightly back, and then roll out part of the dough with a rolling pin, which roll out the white noodles a little thicker. Then, holding the knife in both hands, he began to cut the noodles from front to back and arranged them neatly on the noodles table. Each chop counts as one slice and then puts it into the pot. One knife can scoop up 3-4 big bowls, and one chop can feed 3-4 people. Matched with mutton saozi, eat up fresh smooth, delicious noodles.

Chop bucknoodles, you in a “chop” word, the raising surface knead into dough, on the surface with a rolling pin rolling out, rolling out to slightly thicker than the white noodles, the knife cut face. Face cutting knife special shape, body length about 2 feet, cun wide, thick as a kitchen knife, blade down, with two wooden handles at both ends of the back. Chopping face, arm suspension elbow, both hands hold two handles. Under the knife to meet, accurate symmetry, the knife fell on the surface of the table “thru thru” urgent as rain, noodles turn, if silver dancing. Noodles, if thin fans, neat as the mechanism of noodles, can be called “a unique Shaanxi”.

In Wuqi, the new daughter-in-law into the kitchen, the first pass is to see the level of proficiency in cutting bucknoodles. Folk ballad said: “daughter-in-law strong is not strong, first see chop soba noodles should use saozi soup, folk song:” mutton saozi chop soba noodles, open a shop aunt foot man “, the internal relationship between the two sides of things and intimate degree. This is meat food. Vegetarian potato is based on, peeled and cut as rope head small square, add seasoning fry crisp cotton, sometimes with tofu, made saozi soup, with scallion, side dishes. Chop bucknoodles, soup delicious fragrance, noodles smooth, for the authentic northern cuisine.