JI Dan Pao Pao

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This is the most popular food in northern Shaanxi. It is simple and convenient to do, and it is soft and delicious. From snacks to big, today we will share the delicious food with you.

The basic information

Taste homely

Easy to cook

Cooking dishes Home cooking, Chinese food

Main ingredient

Eggs: 5-7

Flour: half a bowl

Five spice powder or Chinese peppercorn powder: a little

Supplementary material

Pinch of chicken essence: 1

Salt: a little

Cooking steps

1: eat up to let crispy beat a few more eggs, stir evenly sprinkle a little salt, Chinese pepper powder, beaten into egg liquid

2: Beat the egg mixture into a pinch of chicken powder, continue to stir

3: while stirring, sprinkle the flour into the flour and stir it. There is no need to worry about the flour forming a pimple. When the flour is put properly, the pimple will disappear naturally. The egg batter is adjusted so that the chopsticks can be held up and the egg batter can be hung on the chopsticks.

4: highlight the flavor, put some black sesame or white sesame can be.

5: the pot must be put more oil, so that the egg bubble can be put into the pan better. Take a small spoon ladle a spoon of egg liquid into the oil, just put in a small group, a few seconds will pan into a bubble, golden yellow on both sides can be taken out.

6: Fried, cool slightly and serve well.